GPS Location

Safety and peace of mind. Always.

Safety always comes first. Track location with accurate GPS and 4G connectivity. Get in touch using secure call and voice-chat features.
Keep those wanderers safe.

  • Live View
  • Call & Chat
  • Location History
  • Safe Zones*

Motion Tracking

See how busy the little beaver has been

Physical activity is of utmost importance as it improves overall quality of life and is essential for development. Promote physical activity and monitor daily progress directly from your app.
Keep moving in the right direction.

  • Track distance
  • Monitor time
  • Measure heart rate
  • Obtain overall movement score

Stress Score

So you can take action when needed

Our vitals sensor monitors and stores heart rate variability (HRV) data that is an essential indicator of nervous system health and wellbeing. Access to these measurements will provide valuable insight and assist in identifying trends that may be contributing to elevated stress scores.
Their wellbeing is vital.

  • Heart rate variability
  • Daily scores
  • Trends
  • Useful insight

Heart Rate

Understand what makes them tick

Heart rate is affected by various factors such as exercise or stress and indicates the bodies current state of being. Be one step ahead and know what makes your little one’s tick.
Keep your eye on the pulse.

  • Pulse
  • Smart sensor
  • Live data
  • In app notifications

Other Vitals Monitoring

Keeping track of essential vitals

With PingSafe you are also able to monitor vitals such as blood pressure, blood oxygen and body temperature thus giving you a complete overview of your child’s wellbeing directly from your app.

  • Blood pressure average
  • Body temperature average
  • Blood oxygen average
  • Day and week view

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Stress Score


Heart Rate


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Waterproof IP67


Safe Zone*


GPS Location


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Motion Tracking

blood oxygen

Blood Oxygen


Blood Pressure

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