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Full-featured smart watch device for children with additional needs (and their siblings!)

Monitor and track your loved one’s safety and well-being with PingSafe’s smart sensor device that can be worn as a fun watch or within a comfortable sensory undergarment. PingSafe offers peace of mind through accurate location, well-being vitals data, call and chat options, and being alerted in case of an emergency.
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Everyday vitals, in real-time

PingSafe keeps you in the know when your child may not be able to

So much more than just a watch. Stay in control by receiving essential vitals data directly to your paired app. PingSafe uses heart rate variability (HRV) to measure stress, along with motion tracking and other vitals to assist in developing positive daily habits and managing everyday well-being.

Why PingSafe?

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  • PingSafe Starter Pack
    Monitor and track your loved one’s health and safety with the PingSafe Device. PingSafe may be worn as a fun watch or within a comfortable sensory undergarment. PingSafe shares more than where your loved one is, it lets you know how they may be feeling! Your PingSafe Starter Pack includes; Th...
  • PingSafe Undergarment
    All day wearable, effective solution for sensory needs and sensory processing disorders. Includes our patent-pending custom internal pouch for placing your PingSafe device should it not be worn on the wrist. Your first PingSafe Undergarment is included for FREE when you purchase a PingSafe Start...
  • PingSafe Strap
    Choose your favorite PingSafe strap from our assortment of colors. There is a color for everybody, and with our carefully designed clip system, they are taken off and added back on in seconds!
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